Q. Which is the most celebrated festival in your country?

Which is the most celebrated festival in your country?






Jul, 2018

  • hasnain

    The religious customs and traditions of Christmas begin with Advent (the day when Jesus Christ’s birth was anticipated).mesaje de craciun, urari si felicitari de sarbatori This is around early December. Customs and traditions of this religious celebration include Advent carols and calendars, sometimes also candies and other goodies for the children. Midnight mass or a Mass of the Nativity, featuring Christmas carols, prayers and hymns, are usually held on the Christmas Eve and on the Christmas Day.


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  • thorty

    In England, the biggest religious (I use that term loosely) festival is Christmas
    The biggest music festival is Glastonbury


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  • pearljam

    A festival of Lamps : Diwali Or Deepawali.

    It is most celebrated festival of my country INDIA.


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Moments of celebration, be it of religious significance or merely victory of our favourite sport team, it is a festival. We are entwined to our cultural origins, festivals are the timely reminders to get past our problems and cherish the present with the people we love. Unlike present circumstances, where entertainment is just a few clicks away, in earlier times festivals offered a major share of entertainment. Not just that, these cultural celebrations let us pass our ethical and religious beliefs to the next generations too.

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