Q. What is your dream job?

What is your dream job?

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Jul, 2018

  • heikki

    Game Developer


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  • juniore

    Super hero


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  • shackler

    not really a job. i would want to do something which will be revolutionary.


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  • ivone2018

    um trabalho onde posso estar realizando em qualquer lugar que esteja, sem ser um lugar fixo. tipo viajar o mundo e ganhar por isso, e ajudar pessoas durante o percurso....seria um sonho.


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  • tommy

    president of the world


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  • matto

    My dream job is to be a pilot F1 :D


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  • dan54

    My dream job is to be a Genetic Engineer!

    I am going towards this goal if it takes me a decade or more!

    It’s my dream to help people and give doctors more options to help cure people from previously fatal disease!
    Imagine being able to cure your arthritis, slow down your bodies degeneration, watch disabled peopled walk out of their wheel chairs!

    Genetic engineering can help us do this and more!


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  • cryptotyl

    Developer or trader.


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  • aacc1

    A job where I can eat donuts.


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  • crypto.bit182

    “Full life universal tester”. it contains of:

    Bed testing (during niight)
    Coffee taster
    Meals taster
    Gym’s tester
    Travel tester (trains, airplanes, hotels, welness)

    Get money for everything what I do :) and give them to people that need it.


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  • ronnie

    I use to dream of being an archaeologist when I was a kid watching Indian Jones movies, but as I grew up I wanted to be a journalist, but that quickly disippated as well…

    What my dream job now is to be able to travel the world at the same time, getting paid to make reviews of places I have visited, getting sponsorships along the way - a blogger or vlogger is what I dream of doing :)


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  • zedon



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