Q. What are the things that one needs to let go for being a chartered accountant?

What are the things that one needs to let go for being a chartered accountant?

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Jul, 2018

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  • david1cameron

    Becoming Bookkeeping Services for Small Business expert is a rewarding but challenging journey. There are several things one might need to let go of during this process. Firstly, personal time and hobbies may take a back seat, as CA studies demand significant dedication. Social events might be limited due to rigorous study schedules. A steady sleep routine might be disrupted during intense exam preparation. Additionally, financial investments might be deferred as such programs can be costly. But remember, the sacrifices made during the CA journey often lead to a respected and well-compensated career in accounting and finance. It’s all about balancing short-term sacrifices for long-term gains.


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  • pmahajan18

    There are various steps through which one being passed through. In India first step is foundation course, further steps is intermediate then practice then final. The students who graduated may be exempted from foundation course


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