Q. How should a programmer think while solving an error?

How should a programmer think while solving an error?






Jul, 2018

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  • nancy

    There can be multiple solutions to the same error.
    Then comes the dilemma of which one to pick?
    The solution can be said to be perfect if it is an optimum solution.
    A programmer has to find a fix in fewer lines of code as it cannot be afforded to write more lines of code with poor logic.


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  • sercandrop

    Don’t implement the first think you’ve thaught, because everyone is doing that. Just focus on the problem and think how can I achieve something to solve this that should be maintanable, readable, easier to understand.


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Just put it in a simpler sense that decoding something you dont understand is like being a JAVA man who is trying to improve his life with an insufficient knowledge about how things work. The scope of programming is as huge as a Python. You may hear the term Java Script but its not the letters and written words of a Java man. Definitely, bugs in programming are not the kinds who are responsible for pollination. Software is not a soft pottery in the kitchen. Ruby is not the stone. Error code. Welcome to programming languages!

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