Q. What is your favorite Beatles song?

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What is your favorite Beatles song?

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Jul, 2018

  • tigerintank

    While my guitar gently weeps


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  • stirling

    Happiness is a Warm Gun from the White Album.


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  • cryptodad

    All My Loving - the text, the music and that pauses between parts … the masterpiece


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  • dan54

    I think the Magical Mystery tour is the best Beatles album and it has 4 of my favourite songs on it!

    I love i am the Walrus to make me feel better and if im a bit down i listen to strawberry fields!

    I love them both the same!


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  • pearljam

    “Abbey Road Medley”
    From : Abbey Road (1969)

    The piece stands as one of the group’s greatest works, an explosion of compositions stitched together as a sprawling, career-defining summation.

    I love the track.


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