Q. What do you think about Presearch?
  • brittanyims

    Presearch is a search engine that rewards you for your searches and makes it easy to support open-source projects. With this website, you can earn PRE tokens by using the platform and then use them on partner platforms such as online pdf converter or purchase premium services from other companies through the platform. The goal of this new blockchain based search engine is to take back control of our data and put it in its proper place: in our hands. By allowing users to be rewarded with Presearch Tokens (PST) when they participate in the ecosystem, we provide incentive for all users who join us in building a better Internet experience together.


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  • anonymous81

    Presearch is a decentralized search engine that will give back to the community. It has been built on top of the open source search engine, Elastic Search. Presearch was created with user bestessays.com review privacy in mind and users can also be rewarded for their searches. The beta version is scheduled to launch later this year and I’m excited about what’s coming.


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    Good idea, project is OK, but they fucked up with community. We will see in the future.


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  • michaliocze

    Good idea i think. I believe they will do what they promised and Presearch go to the moon :D


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