Q. What are some latest new inventions that you think most people don’t know about?

What are some latest new inventions that you think most people don’t know about?

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Jul, 2018

  • penny14336

    Enter Zero2infinity and Penalty Shooters 2 – two ambitious firms hoping to utilise pressurized capsules strung beneath helium balloons to take tourists into near space.


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  • jedacandy

    i have confirmed and searched for it for days, word finder


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  • dan54

    I think a lot of people don’t know about Graphene!

    A lab in Manchester, England was able to refine the molecular structure of graphite, the basic stuff ypu get in pencils, to produced a thin layered version, known as Graphene!

    Why is Graphene a game changer?

    Graphene is 100 times more conductive than copper, and will usher in a new era of highly efficient batteries that will make Litium batteries look ancient. In addition, the electrical grid will be vastly improved and become more efficient, with a reduced amount of lost electric in the transfer of electricity!

    The best is yet to come! Graphene, thanks to its conductive nature and thin composition, will make the next generation of Solar pannels! Graphene solar will soak up more of the suns radiation, which will produce more electricity in the same surface area!

    It will be cheaper and easier to install and it will bring solar to the masses! Furthermore, it will provide enough electricity to power peoples homes overnight! Current 5KW systems struggle to power an entite house in the day, let alone the night!

    Graphene will also enable tablets, computers, and smartphones to be made into a thin digital scroll that you can carry around with you and roll up when upu aren’t using it! A laptop the size of an A4 sheet, with the weight that matches the look!

    It will also lead to advancements in holographs and may enable holographic tv or provide the building blocks to a viable holographic tv that can work in any type of lighting environment!

    I invested $500 into a Graphene company a few years ago and i made $700 after 6 months, which is good in terms of the stockmarket! Yet it is nothing compared to crypto!

    Graphene is a year or two away from being produced with a purity grade of close to 100%, which will help graphene to fulfil it’s potential to revolutionize many areas of modern technology!

    2-3 years ago, the company i was investing in was getting purity levels of between, 98.9 and 99.5%,which were among some of the highest of any competitors!


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For centuries now, inventions have been making the lives of people easier. Telephone-smartphones; steam-locomotive-subways; electric bulb-beautiful chandelier; hot air balloons-air planes – innovations that brought change in both communication and transportation. Thanks to the hardworking inventors who came before us for their dedication in making our lives easier. Moreover, thanks to the present inventors who continue to do their best to go beyond their limits to advance technologies even better. We stay tuned to the inventions as the products of the imagination of creative minds.

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