Q. Being an adult, what is that you learned from a kid?

Being an adult, what is that you learned from a kid?

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Jul, 2018

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  • nurkeyo

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  • pearljam

    What i learnt,

    How to live life in present scenario despite having troubles or problems are around us.
    How to live life in present. Be stress free…Be innocent…

    Kids think the problem in unbiased perspective. It is the best thing that I observe till date.
    This quality make them special.


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Skill in any person is god's gift. Skill cannot be taught, it can be only polished. Skills are at times inherited, as a child brought up in a family inclined towards a specific profession, learns by observation and little practice under supervision of elders. Interest and zeal to grasp the techniques to do a job, is skill. Skill doesn't need theories. A skilled person is a gem for the society. Skilfulness with suitable qualifications is now insisted upon for bright carriers.

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