Q. Should we trust the online shopping site for clothes?

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Should we trust the online shopping site for clothes?

I have never ordered any clothes from online websites, though they have really fantastic clothes and new fashion accessories in their website which can be ordered, but I don’t know why i don’t trust it, what if they send something else or the quality is poor?


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Jul, 2018

  • nunezdanny

    You can trust online shopping sites if they are having good reviews and high ratings. I bought myself a long sleeved bandage dress and it was perfect. It looked exactly same as the picture showed. And the measurements fitted me perfectly giving my body a flattering look.


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  • khushi

    I do not want to generalize here that all online shopping sites are a certain way but the internet is flooded with people complaining about clothes purchased online, being below expectations.
    Should we trust the online shopping site for clothes? – Not all of them.
    There are some brands that provide the exact same material and colour whereas, there are sites that are total scams.
    I have had a few bad and good experiences in shopping online and all I would like to say is, only the good and reliable brands can be trusted for buying clothes online.
    It is advisable to shop online once you have verified the reviews regarding that site, prior to shopping.


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  • kiaazad

    No, watch the videos that shows why you shouldn’t buy clothes online on Youtube


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  • pearljam

    Yes, U can trust on online Shopping Site just after buy from there. If u go for buy on trusted site Like Amazon , absolutely, u can buy as much as u can without a doubt.


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