Q. What is the True meaning of Life and Death?


What is the True meaning of Life and Death?






Jul, 2018

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  • dan54

    The point of life is to grow this world that we have inherited from the generations before us!

    You can slowly see society improve over centuries, but i will admit that there is a lot left to be desired.

    Governments and democracy no longer serve the people and haven’t since the reign of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. The 70’s lead to errosion of the rights of all people and the slow disolution of the middle class!

    The loss of our rights and ability to live is driven by the greed of those in power.

    It isn’t all doom and gloom though, the very thing that drives our present downfall will be the undoing of greedy corporates and governments.

    Robots and artificial intelligence will lead to most jobs being phased out in the next 20 years, humans will be a cumbersome expenditure that companies will not want.

    Corporations will become trillionaire enterprises, people will riot and protest at their inability to survive without a job.

    The government puppets can choose to ignore people and continue using robots and further widen the class divide between super rich and surper poor.

    Yet their greed will destroy them, captalisim depends on people consuming goods! People can’t consume goods if they don’t have money that jobs provide them and thus the corporations will watch as their profits plummet!

    Governments will start to lose their funding and they won’t be able to keep giving back handers to their corporate friends, because countries have ground to a halt!

    A living wage will have to be implimented to help every citizen live comfortably and continue consuming, thus fuelling the economy and keeping captalisim alive!

    Where is the money for such a thing going to come from? A proper taxation of corporations and small AI tax on corporations using robots for production!

    Corporations may ditch robots to bring in cheaper workers or better yet they accept the new laws.

    Imagine a world where you get paid to live and truly enjoy what this life has to offer, instead of gruelling in a shitty 9-5 environment.

    Qualified areas can be added to in droves and people can work alongside AI to improve humanity!

    I just predicted 100 years, a full century of humanity!

    We will pass this on to the future generations and to the strengthened resolve of humanity!

    We will die and we leave behind a legacy, it is the echoes of our ideas, of our hopes, and dreams, that the future of humanity can pick up, to improve our world!

    “You can kill a person, but never an idea!”(just think at how powerful this quote is)

    I am religious but i also love Science with a passion!

    I believe their is an  after life where our life essence gathers and mingles with those that have passed on. We will stay in this space for eternity, watching over the world we helped build and always happy with the company of one another.

    You aren’t religious, got you covered! My dad is a hardcore atheist!

    Your body and all your matter is slowly broken down and becomes part of life once more!

    In your death you promote life, your atoms become something more and your very existence spurrs the further growth and prosperity of all life on Earth!

    I believe you can add this second part for religious people to explain what happens to their bodies once their life force is released!

    I study biomdeical science and i have done Philosophy at university, i have some solid persepctives to go on here! 😎✊


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  • kiaazad

    there’s no meaning, life is a product of random events in a long chain, and death is the end for one particle in that chain


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  • pearljam

    Life And Death , both are similar. Nothing different.
    Both Are Real, True, Pre-decided, Controlled by the Almighty and both are in parallel. Both stand just across the line in opposite direction.

    Thats it.


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We can define life through experiences and still can't find the exact word to say what life really is. Messy? Complicated? Roller coaster ride? Meaningless? or just not being dead? Philosophy suggests that there's an invisible bond that interconnects all the living. Most of us are still bugged about how life started and what's next after life. There is more to life that just merely exist. No one can figure out what exactly it is because no one knows the purpose behind this. All we can do is to live it to the fullest. It is too short; don't make it shorter.

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