Q. Why do bollywood movies have so many songs? and why do they dance in those?

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Why do bollywood movies have so many songs? and why do they dance in those?


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Jul, 2018

  • masueii

    Music and dance make their movies special, it’s amazing and impressive game guides the impossible quiz


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  • patrick16

    There are many such musical films in India. Incorporate cultural music and dance into the film. When watching these movies, the dance clips are very attractive. I usually use the a tool, such as my desktop Joyoshare Video Joiner, to extract clips from different movies and merge them into a video collection for later playback.


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  • pearljam

    Bollywood Movies are made in India and for primarily Indian viewers.
    India is a vast country and there in diversity abundantly.
    People from one corner to next corner may not understand the theme or concept of movie , but music and damce combine all the people on a single stage.

    Music and dance has no language. So, any person can enjoy this section of movies.
    So, Bollywood movies consist dance and music.


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