Q. What is the cure for cancer?

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What is the cure for cancer?

Millions of people die with cancer every year all around the world, it’s the disease which has no cure till now I guess, or is there any?







Jul, 2018

  • rsaxena50

    Drill That Kills Cancer Cells Developed

    Researchers successfully activated the motors with precise two-photon excitation via near-infrared light. Unlike the ultraviolet light they first used to drive the motors, the new technique does not damage adjacent, healthy cells.

    The research led by various chemists may be best applied to the skin, oral, and gastrointestinal cancer cells that can be reached for treatment with a laser.

    In 2017, the same team reported the development of molecular motors enhanced with small proteins that target specific cancer cells.

    Once in place and activated with light, the paddle-like motors spin up to 3 million times a second, allowing the molecules to drill through the cells’ protective membranes and killing them in minutes.

    Since then, researchers have worked on the way to eliminate the use of damaging ultraviolet light. As per a researcher, multiphoton activation is not only more biocompatible but also allows deeper tissue penetration and removes any unwanted side effects that may arise with the previously used UV light.

    The researchers tested their updated motors on skin, breast, cervical, and prostate cancer cells in the lab. Once the motors found their targets, lasers activated them with a precision of about 200 nanometers. In most cases, the cells were dead within three minutes, they reported.

    They believe the motors also drill through chromatin and other components of the diseased cells
    , which could help slow metastasis.

    Because the motors target specific cells, Tour said work is underway to adapt them to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria as well. Researchers claim they continue to perfect the molecular motors, aiming toward ones that will work with visible light and provide even higher efficacies of kill toward the cellular targets.


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  • thorty

    There are several treatments, such as chemotherapy, that are highly invasive, and only sometimes work. Within the next 2 or 3 decades however it is likely that there will be a definitive prevention for cancer through the gene editing tool CRISPR.


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  • kiaazad

    an injection of sugar and alcohol directly into the cancerous area, cancer is a damaged cell deciding to copy itself instead of suicide, anything that can kill a normal cell can kill cancer cells as well, unfortunately the medicine can’t recognize good and bad cells and attack all the same


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  • pearljam

    The Bitter Truth : No.
    Treatment can make you feeble in many ways :
    1. Economically
    2. Physically
    3. Mentally
    4. Socially
    5. Personally

    Cancer is Curse to Mankind.


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Any type of physical or mental impairment is difficult to handle but cancer is one that demands imperishable hope and strength. There are different stages of cancer and also different treatments. It is a disease that follows no age boundaries as it can happen to a person of any age. Prevention is better than cure so we all must maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. And for those who need to fight against cancer, "take it one day at a time, one step at a time, do what you can, do your best. Let god handle the rest".

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