Q. What do you suggest to children on what their hobbies should be?

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What do you suggest to children on what their hobbies should be?

all children have different hobbies, some are good some are bad, what do you suggest your or other children about hobbies?

bad good children





Jul, 2018

  • gardnerpreston

    This question is good. I wonder too. Idle mining empire


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  • pearljam

    If hobby has to be elect, I should suggest to make your hobby in a field that make you social. Your hobby should be such that can be accessible by without distrub any one .


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  • kiaazad

    first art, any type of art. then a sport if there’s any free time left


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Let's create a term called 'multi-hobby'. Gross. It means that a person can have many different hobbies. You can be into playing, drawing, reading, or simply Facebook-ing and Instragam-ing and Twitter-ing. All these little things we do for pastime. Most hobbies help us improve our interests during our relaxation time. It is difficult to say that a person can have no hobby at all. This is because there are so many forms of relaxation for us. A good example is the online games that are now extended through mobile games. Hobbies can become a person's addiction and responsibility should be partnered to it.

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