Q. What are your inherent skills?

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What are your inherent skills?

Some are the skills that we learn the rest are the ones we are born with. What are the skills or capabilities that are unique as you were born with it?

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Jul, 2018

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  • pearljam

    I can make an angry person normal within 5 minutes.
    Anybody who is.....but I can make him normal in a very very short time.


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Skill in any person is god's gift. Skill cannot be taught, it can be only polished. Skills are at times inherited, as a child brought up in a family inclined towards a specific profession, learns by observation and little practice under supervision of elders. Interest and zeal to grasp the techniques to do a job, is skill. Skill doesn't need theories. A skilled person is a gem for the society. Skilfulness with suitable qualifications is now insisted upon for bright carriers.

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