Q. Why do most of the people hate their jobs?

Why do most of the people hate their jobs?

There are very few people who actually love their jobs as the majority of people complain about their jobs. Why is it so?

likes-dislikes love your work job of choice





Jul, 2018

  • bkhan44

    boring n non incentives


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  • thorty

    I think many people in the Western world prioritise money and perceived respect for their job over satisfaction and enjoyment. Many people would rather work a job with high pay and low satisfaction, than lower pay and higher satisfaction, because the way they are perceieved is more important to them than their own happiness.


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  • justin

    When a person is either unable to manage the work or he doesn’t like the work, these are the two cases where there’s a chance that people might start hating their job.
    One can not get each and everything as per the expectation, there has to be some sort of adjustment to make things work.
    To be able to love your job and focus well, find a job that suits your profession choices the most so the compromises and adjustments that are to be made will be very minimal.


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  • jnyblaze

    From experience and conversations with other people with the same situation the main reasons people are not satisfied with their jobs is because of the following:

    Lack of self fulfilment
    Terrible colleagues
    Low pay
    Limited job options(low skill)

    My main reason for hating my last job was because I knew I was capable of better and I didn’t want to be limited.


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  • pearljam

    Beacuse they are not good observers.
    Grass is always greener on the other side....Well Said.

    No one is comfortable in the job. Every person has own problems and difficulties…But there is difference in the ART OF LIVING.

    Some are happy and some are unhappy.....Surprisingly with no reason at all.

    Life is limited. Live Life is a great way......concerning with current situation.

    Thats It.


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