Q. What’s the difference between justice and revenge?

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What’s the difference between justice and revenge?






Jul, 2018

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  • hasnain

    Thanks for clarifying the differnce between justice and revenge here. I love this, and I’ll educate my จิรภพ ภูริเดช ประวัติ mates regarding this now. I am sure he’ll thank me for sharing this content.


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  • shagun

    To me - Revenge is also a type of Justice only.


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  • Anonymous

    Revenge is about retaliation; justice about restoring balance. The motive of revenge has mostly to do with expressing rage, hatred, or spite. It’s a protest, or payback, and its foremost intent is to harm.


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  • justin

    Justice is in making a guilty person get the respective punishment/penalty for the crime done.
    The constitution of a country has pre-stated rules and regulations for every act of justice.
    Whereas, revenge is a very powerful emotion; there is no limit in taking revenge.
    When the one that is victimised feels that the justice been done is not enough and considers the guilty worthy or harsh treatment that is called revenge.
    To most revenge takers, it feels satisfying to do bad with the one that did badly to them, as they find it to be their own way of justice.
    But, The old law about an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind-Martin Luther King


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Every deed done may not be correct, thus we have laws. Human is the noblest creation of god yet there is need of law to save the victims from others of the same kind. A country has a legal set of regulation that the citizens are obliged to follow. The ideology beneath the purpose to protect the innocent and provide justice, works on fear of penalties. The system of rules imposes the punishment in accordance to the crime. “More law, less justice”.

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