Q. Do you think robots can ever take a human’s place?

Do you think robots can ever take a human’s place?

Robots are getting smarter and smarter as compared to before. Do you think that one day they will have enough intelligence and independence that they can replicate humans in an indistinguishable manner?

robot vs human replacing human





Jul, 2018

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  • saleem

    Robotic technology can be found in clocks, remote control vehicles, automobile computers, Aibo, factory robots arms, self-guided rovers, service bots like ASIMO, robotic toys like AIBO or Robo-Raptor and a CNC milling machine. To be considered a “robot,” the specimen must be able to interact with its environment and physically do something. Most recently, robots are being used in surgery, disaster recovery and firefighting.


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  • pearljam

    Humans already show a record the influence of electronic devices on the society.
    Like , everyone is addicted to smartphones now a days. Smartphones have dominance in a remarkable short time. The next era is of VR, AR & AI.
    The upcoming era in respect of AI: Artificial Intelligence robots will do perform user-friendly up to the mark .
    The interactive device i.e. Robot will be so user friendly and easily accessible to them…that they will overrule our mind and will definitely reduce our thinking and decision making capabilities. So, I can say, as previous records…Robot will go atleast five steps ahead.

    Human-Computer-Robot Symbiosis is already in pace and will outreach to the society very soon.
    The game will changed. One more boon of technological advancement will be shown to the world very soon & we should welcome. Robots and machines are being invented or manufactured for making our life easy and to get help to cover our multi-tasking BUT we have to understand the thin line between help and being surrendered to the technologies. The game will going on.....We have to decide and balance …How To Play ???


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It is futuristic to think that living with robots is possible. Yet, the world is on its way to operate using robots. Let's use the title 'Age of Ultron' as a figurative way of describing what human race has now. Artificial Intelligence is pervasive among the countries who can afford to finance such project. Nowadays, you can't see a household without machine that helps in doing the chores. What more in the coming years by which humans are threaten to be replaced by robots in companies? One country is even designing a robot that will replace your wife. Even if the robotics won't ever design a robot that can cause a total destruction in the human race, the idea that it can replace your lifetime partner is already morally destructing.

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