Q. Is it getting tough these days to get a job after pursuing an engineering degree?

Is it getting tough these days to get a job after pursuing an engineering degree?

There’s cut-throat competition in the market when it comes to getting a technical job, to fit well as a candidate in the organization’s requirements.

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Jul, 2018

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  • justin

    There is a very intricate scenario in the market at present.
    The companies complain that they are unable to find candidates that can match their requirements and the candidates whine about unemployment.
    The issues here is-
    Companies have high expectations from the candidates; they expect to get skilled labour at low cost.
    Whereas, the fresh candidates coming out straight from the educational institute lack in practical and technical proficiency and thus they cannot get employment.
    Overpopulation adds to the problem, the ratio of applicants and opportunities is highly imbalanced.


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