Q. Is magic an optical illusion or mind reading?

Is magic an optical illusion or mind reading?

Magic is often a superbly done trick.

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Jul, 2018

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Wow! Magic. The most famous would be "Now you see me, now you don't." Either on the street or on stage magic entertains people by playing with illusions. Who wouldn't be amazed on the most common magic of turning something into a white dove or the card tricks being flipped simultaneously and find it in your pocket? Magic is mind-blowing when you don't know the tricks. However, there's another kind of magic that people believe to be paranormal. It's kind of scary when you're not used to encountering supernatural abilities. Well-known magicians with this kind of ability give us goose bumps even by just watching their videos. It is a wonder if there is any ritual done before acquiring this feat of skill.

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