Q. What is better as a pet; a cat or a dog? Why?

What is better as a pet; a cat or a dog? Why?

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Jul, 2018

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PET-ables Furs in brown, white, and black; paws prints on the floor. Tiny, cuddly things you snuggle with; they make you happy. A famous quote says, "The character of a man is revealed by how he treats animals." Yet, not all animals can be treated well. Mosquitoes, cocroaches, rats, etc. - they are not pets but pests. Aren't you pro-life when you kill parasites?
Pets have been members of the family, may it be dogs, cats, fish, or birds. Name any animal that is 'pet-able', an animal that can be a pet. When you want to be a pet parent, do bear in mind this very thing: Be the person your pet thinks you are.

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