Q. How are web designers and web developers difference from each other?

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How are web designers and web developers difference from each other?

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Jul, 2018

  • chadjpatel

    Web designers and web developers have distinct roles. Web designers focus on the visual aesthetics and user experience, creating attractive designs and layouts. Web developers, on the other hand, handle the technical implementation of websites, coding the functionality and ensuring smooth performance. While web designers prioritize the look and feel of a site, web developers focus on its functionality and interactivity. To gain expertise in web development, consider enrolling in the best web development courses online in Kolkata which will provide comprehensive training in various programming languages, frameworks, and web development concepts.


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  • webskitters001

    Web designer focus on creating the visual design, layout, and user experience of a website, using design software.

    Web developers focus on building and maintaining the functionality of a website, using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    There is some overlap between the two roles, but designers tend to focus more on aesthetics and developers on technical aspects.


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  • ronnie

    Web designers work on the aesthetics or overall look of the site, while Web Developers does the programming aspects of the site.


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