Q. From where does fiction writers get their stories?

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From where does fiction writers get their stories?

Fiction books like ‘The Digital Fortress’, ‘Angels and Demons’, ‘The Cell’, etc their stories are so awesome that we feel that we are lost in the book and we are into the book. How do they get these stories, how to they create these stories, what’s the secret?


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Jul, 2018

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  • maanya

    Imagination is a wild element.
    All the inventions and innovations that have flourished our lifestyle are the outcome of unbothered, boundless imagination.
    The way it reflects in science and technology it also reflects in writing and literature.


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Fable. Fantasy. Fabricated. That is what fiction is. It can be a movie. It can be a novel. It can be a short story. Fiction is far from reality. It may have a little touch of reality but more on idealism. It plays in our imagination more than a non-fiction does. It is full of wonders and what ifs. A reality can be distorted and fictionalized. Thus, an idealistic person lingers more on it that it eventually effects their views about reality. However we want to run our lives, setbacks are never under our control. That's where we insert fiction as an assumption of making something possible.

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