Q. What life lessons have video games taught you?

What life lessons have video games taught you?

Often the most unexpected events teach us lessons that can change our lives in a great way.
Most people would have played some sort of game in their life.
Can games teach too?
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Jul, 2018

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  • tyler

    It is a bit too much to expect video games to teach us life lessons so I won’t say that it has taught me any life lessons but they’ve been beneficial in many ways.
    It has been proved that video games enhance the brain capacity to takes instant decisions as in the game itself the player has to decide the next action in a fraction of seconds.
    It trains the brain by often creating instances that expect the player to take actions in which the player has to calculate the entire outcome of a single move.
    So, next time when you’re playing a video game you’re not wasting your time; you’re training your brain.



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