Q. Can prison actually change a person?

Can prison actually change a person?

Prison is the place where the guilty individuals are sent for the laws they violated.
In prison either a person changes entirely in a positive way or the other way.






Jul, 2018

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  • derek

    If prisons would be 100% effective than no one would commit a crime after being in prison for once.
    But there are several cases of law violation by ex-prisoners.
    Many prisons also include counselling and rehabilitation programs which I think can increase the possibility of a prisoner coming out of the prison as a better person.


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Every deed done may not be correct, thus we have laws. Human is the noblest creation of god yet there is need of law to save the victims from others of the same kind. A country has a legal set of regulation that the citizens are obliged to follow. The ideology beneath the purpose to protect the innocent and provide justice, works on fear of penalties. The system of rules imposes the punishment in accordance to the crime. “More law, less justice”.

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