Q. If time travel was possible where would you go?

I have many questions

If time travel was possible where would you go?

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Jul, 2018

  • steaveshawn996

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  • chauncy

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  • shagun

    I wouldnot go anywhere. I dont like to challenge the nature earth.


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  • drizztdourden123456789

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  • michaliocze

    Italy or USA 😎


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  • pearljam

    If time travel was possible : I wouldn’t go anywhere.....
    If time travel is possible : Then I can go anywhere as I wish.

    Exact answer of your exact question.


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  • kirti

    1.if i choose past, i can go when the planet earth was in process of life, so no point of going there because even life didnt existed so i will jst die suddenly when i reach there.


    2.next is i can go when dinosaurs were there, again if i will jump there, either i will be eaten by a raptor or Trex, or some primitive man will kill me with their stone age weapons.


    3.next is at the time of civilization, if i will jump at that time, i will be forced to work as a labour in making of pyramids, stonehenge or taj mahal, where either i will die of working a dogs life, or i will be killed by the supervisors who keep whipping their labours, or some king will cut my hands after the work is finished like the taj mahal.


    4.next is at the time of inventions, those inventions for them will be revolutionary and something new, but for me its all boring because i am from future. With no internet, no electronics, no electricity at all, i will be left with some labour work to do.


    5.next if we talk about 18 and 19th century, that was the period of ruling and wars, if i will jump in that time, either i will be stuck in some world war and die or if i will jump into india which was ruled by the british, it would be probably the worst time of my life.


    6.now if we talk about future, maybe 1000 years from now, i will be in a totally different world where cars are flying, tall buildings everywhere and probably some robocops will come and either they will shoot me or else i will have no place to go and no friends, family either who will support and help me or give me some food.


    7.if i go even further that, 10,000 years later, there will be very less land left and more population, maybe there will be underwater cities developed as per the weather conditions, so there will be no more space for me to live on the very little land left and the underwater cities, i would not have much oxygen with me to survive for the rest of my life.


    8.going further, maybe a million years later, less water and more land, as eath is being pulled by suns gravity, the place will be extremely hot to survive and all the water will be dried, so mankind would have been already dead and the planet will be in a process to become the ‘Red Giant’. so no point of going there as i will suddenly die due to lack or oxygen or the extreme heat.


    9.and the last, when nothing will be left, the planet, countries, water bodies, life, and your time machine too, everything will be destroyed by the sun, our planet will be eaten. But again, a new life will be born, a new planet will be created, somewhere in the infinite universe, some other galaxy, some other solar system, some other living beings and their time machine.


    Theres nothing out there left in past or the future, present is what where i will choose to be always.


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