Q. Which diseases has been tagged as 'Killer' in the past?

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Which diseases has been tagged as 'Killer' in the past?

in the past when technology and medical field was not so good as compare to now, many people have tied with the diseases which are cureable and common today.

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Jul, 2018

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  • pearljam

    The most common and widely spread....
    1. MALARIA
    2. DENGUE
    4. HERPES
    5. SCABIES.

    Led to death. But now, all are ruled by medical science.


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Incurable and curable diseases are everywhere. Visit a hospital and see that there's never a day when no people are confined without a disease. There are several causes of diseases. Some people are fortunate enough to be cured from it while others suffer a lifetime for their incurable disease. An example of incurable disease is allergy. Say for example, a person is allergic to specific sea foods and other salty foods or else red spots will cover their body. It's difficult to live with a disease that's why when you know you have one, extra precautionary measures are given to lengthen your life as disease can be fatal, too.

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