Q. What is the secret ingredient in your cooking?

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What is the secret ingredient in your cooking?

Everyone has a different style of cooking hence everyone’s food tastes different, many people have secret ingredients which they put in their food and many people are just experienced and good in cooking so their food naturally tastes good. My secret ingredient is I put a pinch of cinnamon powder in food, and people say it tastes good, what’s yours?






Jul, 2018

  • rohan

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  • cryptodad

    Primary - the food tastes better the more basic tastes it has combined - if you can combine all of 5 (salty, sour, sweet, bitter, savory/umami) and in right amount, then the food will be great. As of that i have ofc favourite ingredients that give that tastes, also they add their own aroma and taste:
    - bacon or similar processed metas for salty
    - pear or honey for sweet
    - balsamico vinegar or mustard for sour
    - olives-olive oil, escarole and rucolla for bitter
    - soy sauce for umami

    and some special:
    - dried tomatoes in oil - they can provide both umami and sourness
    - and any nuts or peanuts (they are technically not nuts, but leguminous plant) - here some little roast can add very nice taste to almost everyhing


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  • pearljam


    Deciding factor of my recipe.

    How much it should be cooked ?
    How long and what tempreture , the recipe has to be cooked ?
    How the natural taste of all ingredients can be rest alive after cooking the recipe.

    I much care about them.

    Hence, my secret ingredient is flame or fire, or tempreture on which dish to be cooked.


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Do it well or don’t do it at all. That’s cooking. Your passion and love for it is reflected by how you’ve cooked the food. Try to cook when you’re not in the mood and observe the taste of the food.
For the love of cooking, food recipes are in the internet to give you the necessary information – a must try! Some say that cooking is an art. In some cultures, they associate cooking with marrying. That is, when you can cook, you can take care of a family. It might sound hilarious. But, some women are into it, aside from the idea that they’re interested about cooking, but also in preparation for the next stage of their life. Maybe you’re one of them or you’re simply a man or woman who just loves cooking and food. Kitchen wares are so enticing. Don’t stop yourself with that passion that’s actually profitable. Run to your kitchen. Wear your apron. Lick the bowl. YOLO!

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