Q. Store of Walue - Bitcoin or real Gold?! And why + -?

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Store of Walue - Bitcoin or real Gold?! And why + -?






Jul, 2018

  • crypto.bit182

    In my opinion, is a simplier and more logical investment into BTC.
    Both options are similar to BTC falling to 0 is as likely as the SpaceX bring some asteroid that contains 10x more gold than the all of the Earth.


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  • matto

    Gold is still a winner though that could change soon. Gold is always a smart addition to any portfolio due to its historical reliability and real value, but Bitcoin is starting to become a worthwhile option.


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    I think gold is now better for storing of value. It’s generaly accepted. The question is, if it will be the same in 10 years.


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  • pom3lovec

    Osobně bych si vybral zlato, je více stabilnější, zatímco BTC je v mých očích pump and dump coin.. může teď být bull market a můžeme na tom vydělat, ale také můžeme spadnout mnohem níž než je cena. Zlato beru jako relativní jistotu. :)


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