Q. Can we travel in a ship from one country to another, like the earlier times?

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Can we travel in a ship from one country to another, like the earlier times?

i want to travel to another country just like columbus once in my life, the old wooden ship, or a sail ship we can say.


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Jul, 2018

  • azeem

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  • ashraf

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  • steaveshawn996

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  • chauncy

    In addition to being the busiest airport in Ireland, Dublin Airport accommodates the needs of an average sixty thousand passengers each day,dublin airport transfers to city center which rises to an average of eighty thousand passengers during peak tourist season; it is counted among the ten busiest airports in Europe.


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Long time ago, ships were also used for battle and it's just one of the many reasons for the number of ships that sunk. These large water crafts are designed to float on all water forms like seas, lakes, and rivers. Transportation has been expanding and improving for many years now. Ships are created to carry heavy loads to other places. They can either be a tanker or cruise ships. Now, many people have the privilege to enjoy luxury in cruise ships. It's a wonder how humans are able to find out how to make these large inventions float on water with all its loads.

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