Q. If you would be dentist,How would you treat your patients if they have extreme pain in root canal?

If you would be dentist,How would you treat your patients if they have extreme pain in root canal?

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Jul, 2018

  • morganlee

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  • vaibhavi

    Doctors, in general, are supposed to be calm and sweet to the patients.
    No matter the pain is less or more when patients come to visit the doctor they obviously have some issue to be fixed.
    We all know that love and care works as good as medicines do.
    There are certain hormones released by the immune system to cure a misfunctioning organ and when people are happier they tend to recover soon.
    Coming back to the question, a dentist must in all cases be assertive and positive towards the patient and more so when the patient is in extreme pain.
    The doctor can try some verbal therapy to calm the patient by saying that things will be fine in some time and everything will be okay.
    Ignoring and avoiding the patient is a big NO-NO.
    That actually worsens everything, even the pain.
    So the doctor must be attentive and the patient should feel safe and cared.
    Nevertheless, I am not a doctor and I guess the doctors would know it better but these are the things that I would do if I were one.


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  • pearljam

    Firstly, make the patient in confidence about the post -benefits of root canal. By administrating local anaesthetic first. Then doing root canal. If root canal treatment need multiple shifts, Appriciate the patient every time that will help to motivate him. After completing root-canal, realise him, how the troublesome situation you handled comfortably.
    Bravo ! you are.

    Take medication for reliveing pain and advice him to eat some favourite ice-creams.
    Dont forget to advise him to share his experience later on …how it change your life (root canal)....

    Rest is OK. Enjoy your life.


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