Q. Using solar energy has many benefits then why the majority of people do not use it?

Using solar energy has many benefits then why the majority of people do not use it?

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and using it can ameliorate the current polluted environment.
What are the factors that stand as a hindrance to increasing the use of solar energy?

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Jul, 2018

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    Solar energy is a form of a renewable source of energy so it is astonishing why we have not been able to entirely accept it and replace all other energy sources.
    This is because there exist certain reasons that can come in our way of adopting this technology.
    The first aspect is Cost.
    The initial installation cost is very high. It might differ according to the country and its geography. In the recent times, new innovations and additions to the existing solar power mechanism have lowered the rates as compared to before but still, not everyone can afford the initial cost and maintenance of a solar power plant.
    Big companies or rich families that can afford to invest money taking into consideration the long terms benefits can always opt for solar energy.
    The second aspect is the Area for the plant.
    For being able to generate a considerable source of energy a lot of flat surface area is required to install the solar power plant.
    The little unit can be installed on rooftops and parking but that might not be able to generate too much of electricity
    These can be the basic two reasons for lesser use of solar energy being used.
    Though in the past decade the use of solar energy has definitely increased and in the coming years, we hope that there will be more space and cost-efficient ways of generating solar energy.


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Energy comes in many different forms and the Sun is the primary source for most of the living things in the planet. Without energy, living is not possible. Kinetic energy is what a car needs when it is moving. The energy in our body helps our bones, muscles, brain and organs function. This means that without energy that we get especially from food and water, it is not possible for a human being to be able to interact with the physical world. The electricity that is available to use in houses, factories and headquarters and other establishments now comes in various types. Solar panels help convert the heat from the Sun to energy to use to illuminate many houses and establishments. This is another way to make use of energy in a much wiser way. By far, this is one of the best methods for energy conservation.

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