Q. Why do most kids hate mathematics?

Why do most kids hate mathematics?

I’ve seen most kids complaining about one subject the most, that is mathematics.
Is it really hard or there are issues in the teaching methodology?

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Jul, 2018

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  • derek

    Mathematics is definitely a difficult subject as compared to the rest because in maths there’s not much that one can memorize.
    Apart from the formulas, all the rest will be different.
    No two mathematical problems can be entirely identical so the learners need to concentrate and practice.
    The teachers must also be more considerate about the same and should invest more time in planning and preparing techniques through which they can teach the students in a shrewd manner.
    Mathematics is a very interesting subject if it is taught and learned with the proper approach.


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  • nunezdanny

    I bet 80% of kids hate maths and I’m certainly one of those kids too. Ever since I was a child, I’ve hated the idea of Mathematics. I don’t think I’ll ever like it either.


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  • heikki

    i’m 13 and i love math, but not the school subject.

    in school math is just writing down answers to a book that has too easy questions, or for some, too hard questions, and i don’t see a reason for answering these questions, other than trying to learn something, that i have already learned. i’m sure this is not the reason for most people but that’s my reason.

    other reason i can come up with is the motivation for most people isn’t really to learn, but to get good grades. they have no interest in trying to actually learn math, so from their point of view they’re just writing down meaningless numbers, and that’s boring.

    also math i think math should be teached in a way that in some way resembles an actual situation where you would need it, otherwise it will seem like pointless.


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