Q. How to become a famous singer?

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How to become a famous singer?

my dream is to become a singer, i havent thought about being famous, ofr now i just wanna become a famous, and please dont say i need to have a good voice because the celebrity singers out their dont have good voice.

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Jul, 2018

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    practice daily


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Name all the singers you know whose talent reaches across the borders. You may categorise their voices to SATB where S for soprano; A for alto; T for tenor; and B for bass. People who love singing often imitate how their singing idols deliver the song. You're maybe one of them learning the sensuality of the song. Wherever you go, you'll always find a singing competition locally and globally. There is no man who doesn't like singing except for, maybe, a dying soul who only waits for his sad death to come visit him anytime.

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