Q. When will Terrorism end?

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When will Terrorism end?

Terrorism is a cancer for this world, if it didnt end as soon as possible it will be a threat for our future generations.


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Aug, 2018

  • velmaloydu

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  • drake75

    The best way to end terrorism is to target the root causes. Poverty, lack of education, and political instability are some of the main drivers of terrorism. by addressing these issues, we can make progress in the fight against terrorism. Students can easily open this https://thetecheducation.com/how-to-... link to get a high -quality essay writing service from authentic source.


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  • Anonymous

    There are several reasons why this question cannot be answered with any certainty. The first and most important reason is that there are many different types of terrorism and each type has its own unique causes and effects. The second reason is that it is often very difficult to determine whether a terrorist attack was motivated by political ideology or religious beliefs. Visit https://masterbundles.com/templates/... source to download premium templates for free. For example, if a person commits an act of violence against civilians that appears to be motivated by religious beliefs, then we would assume that it was motivated by religion. However, if we found out later that this person had been radicalized by political ideology, then we would no longer consider them to be a religious extremist but rather a political extremist who uses religion as an excuse for murder and destruction.


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  • vaibhavi

    Probably never!
    I am not being pessimistic but in the history of this world it has never entirely been a place of angels.
    It’s just that now the devils are more than ever before.
    But we cant loss hope and suffer, instead, we can make active efforts to make this world a better place.


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What exactly is happening around us? Who’s and why’s? Can media really be truthful in bringing us the reliable source of information? Are they paid off by elites in the society and control the news that needs to be released? Are we all a victim of manipulation in and out of politics? We demand that current affairs be transparent and media be responsible of the current news they deliver.

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