Q. Is Internet the sixth element of our life?

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Is Internet the sixth element of our life?

Internet, Smartphones, Email , Electricity, Cryptocurrency has changed our life in a rapid manner. The theory of evolution that was very prolonged to stand on the platform of this era, is shorten now a days in current scenario and it is high time to update yourself with the life turning technologies evolved in day today life.






Aug, 2018

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  • markwood321

    While the internet has become a major part of modern life, it is not an essential element like air, water, fire, earth, and space. The internet is a tool for download time calc that has allowed us to communicate, work, and live in a more efficient and productive way, but it does not form an essential part of our lives like the other five elements.


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  • cryptorules

    It definitely is. As time passes, we are becoming more dependent on Technology and the Internet. Its a part of our lifestyle now. It surely is the life force now without which many lives wouldn’t even exist.


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