Q. What can be the major reasons for a country being poor?

What can be the major reasons for a country being poor?

Amalgamations of many aspects can lead to the poverty of a nation.
Which are those reasons according to you?

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Aug, 2018

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  • billionairebitclub

    The leaders working for the beast system which creates poverty in itself.
    The government-based indoctrination of the people that is designed to create ignorance and obediance instead of power and preseverence.


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The first world and the third world countries. There are 195 countries around the world. Which country are you from? Different surveys show us the list of the best countries and the most powerful countries in the world. we can see that countries differ from culture, tradition, beliefs, and most especially with the technological advancement and lifestyle. We dream of stepping into a foreign for the purpose of travelling or getting a better job. Countries are given a label based on the most rampant social problems that they're facing. Whichever country we are, we don't have the right to criticize other countries for their flaws rather help them by suggesting a good solution for the problem.

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