Q. Do you let movies affect you? if yes, then in what ways?

Do you let movies affect you? if yes, then in what ways?

Each movie that we see does influence us in a minor or major way.
Do you take movies seriously?

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Aug, 2018

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  • ishaan

    The movie business has distinct genres and each genre has a particular purpose and impact.
    Certain movies are purely for entertainment and might not have any serious issue being discussed or portrayed in it.
    Whereas there are some that are made with the intention of showcasing the downsides of a community and the makers of the film intend to bring a change in the society along with the monetary profit.
    Movies like these that have a purpose and message are the ones that generally make me think and often leave an impression on me.
    Despite the fact that I believe in favour of it or against it, I always invest little or more time in considering what I saw and if it is really true or just a made up story.
    Movies are one of the forms of entertainment and not everyone will take them thoughtfully, but I do.


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  • pearljam

    I enjoy watching movies....in a real world.
    I can understand, what is virtual or fiction and what is real.

    I enjoy the movie , but understand that what is wrong and what is right.

    U can follow and imitate the part of movie in the real world, but what u pick, it solely depends on you.

    Inspirational , Motivational, creative ideas ii follow from the movies, but silly action scenes i never follow them.


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