Q. What are your views and suggestions on dignifying the life of intellectual disables?

What are your views and suggestions on dignifying the life of intellectual disables?

Special Olympics is turning children with intellectual disabilities into top sportstars!
What other attempts can we make to help and assist the specially abled to lead a happy life?

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Aug, 2018

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  • nunezdanny

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  • pearljam

    First of all, an intellectual never be disable. He is specially-enabled rather than disabled.
    Second point, Focus on his desires, wishes, and ambitions and try to fulfill his needs so that he can do what he want.

    If his wish to do something…is fulfilled with your please support, i dont think he feel himself disable. He would have confidence of special, having you. You can feel pride on yourself by the grace of that kid. And Ultimately, he can live his life with full potential having his activity, just after that ....this question never stand that he is disable. Because, the kid already forget after having this opportunity to make true his desires and all the wished of his come true.


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