Q. What are the early signs of imbalanced mental health?

What are the early signs of imbalanced mental health?

How can one know that they are suffering from some sort of mental imbalance?
Can this be self-assessed or doctoral diagnosis is a must?
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Aug, 2018

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  • williamhardrick

    Unfortunately, mental health problems can begin in early childhood and can take on a variety of forms. I recently learned about Stockholm Syndrome and have been trying to figure it out. Thanks to this source https://www.australiacounselling.com.au/understanding-stockholm-syndrome/ I studied all the information and realized how important it is to properly take care of my mental health.


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  • bojo2112jon

    Good morning! My therapist Rick Maziarz is wonderful. I trust his advice. He is got a diverse therapy skill set and I truly appreciate having him as my counselor. I’ve been able to open up areas of my life that have needed attention and healing for many years and he has been the guy I can trust as I walk through this healing process. I’m so thankful to this therapy platform for meeting with Rick.


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