Q. What is your opinion of uber?

What is your opinion of uber?

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Aug, 2018

2 Answers
  • Anonymous

    It is safe and convenient. Recntly, they have launched new feature of uber cash and that’s really interesting. https://www.mushwarah.pk/auto/what-i...


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  • vaibhavi

    It is a very helpful platform that offers transport service.
    The booking is fast and the majority of drivers are well versed.
    I have faced a few issues with Uber which I would like to share here;
    The location of my home is not detected properly, every time I book a cab I need to call the driver and guide him exactly where to come.
    The rates vary so many times, it would be better if they had fixed rates 24*7.
    The rest is fine including the UI and customer support team.


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