Q. How much are the punctuation marks important in writing?

How much are the punctuation marks important in writing?

How will our languages be if we don’t have punctuation marks?
Do all the languages have punctuation marks?

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Aug, 2018

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From William Shakespeare's famous 'Romeo and Juliet' to E.L James' 'Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele', literature has captivated the world. Classical taste replaced by vulgarity of words to flow through your innermost being. It is humanity in words. Look around you and see people loving all its forms. For emotions you can't express, put it in words. For a life story that deserves to be read, make a novel. For hard days and few romances, use the poem. In the 21st century, blood has turned into ink. Literature carries values to have a heart for humanity. Yet, it has never ended the cruelty.

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