Q. Are the black roses real?

Are the black roses real?

They seem very unrealistic so I wanna know if they actually exist.

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Aug, 2018

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  • linda

    Well, it doesn’t seem like they are real.
    The internet is flooded with videos and theories of them being present and cultivated in a village named Halfeti in southeastern Turkey.
    The black rose is so admired that people from faraway places have paid a visit to Halfeti to grab a glimpse of the black beauty.
    could they see a black rose?
    I am afraid they didn’t because there isn’t one such.
    It can be said as a wonderful strategy to the spike up the number of visits to the city to somehow benefit the land and their people.
    Mostly the black roses are made by putting in artificial colour
    And I will be really glad to find a real one someday if they really exist somewhere on the earth.


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