Q. What is stronger, human bones or concrete?

What is stronger, human bones or concrete?

stronger concrete bones





Aug, 2018

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  • tonystark

    Human Bone (Thigh Bones) are stronger!


    What’s been found though is that the human bone’s density and overall structure makes it stronger.

    Human bones can resist about 40 times more stress than concrete and can in principle, bare a load of 19,000 lbs. – making it 4 times as strong as concrete per cubic inch.

    The thighbone (or “Femur”), which is the longest bone in the human body (at ¼ of the body’s total length) is also one of the strongest and most important in the body. When we walk, our femur resists an average of 400 to 450 pounds per square inch. The pressure increases when we run and is highest when jumping.


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  • grace

    The thigh bone of a human is so strong, it’s actually stronger than concrete. It makes sense as well, given that it’s the thigh bones which are pretty much supporting our whole body.
    Human Thigh Bone is Stronger than Concrete!
    The thigh bones, scientific name femur, are thought to be around eight times stronger than concrete. In fact, most bones are around this strong when matched for size.
    It is thought that the thigh bones can support up to 1 ton of weight before eventually snapping, but I certainly won’t be testing to see if that’s true!
    Despite the extreme solidity of human bones, they are still lightweight and flexible.
    So there you go, the next time you see a human fighting a concrete wall, you’ll know who’s going to win!


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