Q. How can I transform my old outfits into new ones to make them look newer and trendy?

How can I transform my old outfits into new ones to make them look newer and trendy?

There are lots of clothes in my closet that are still in good shape but are out of fashion.
What can I do about it?

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Sep, 2018

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  • adamschule85

    Most retail sizing doesn’t accommodate every shape and size, so chances are you have a few classic pieces in your closet that have never been customized (but probably should have). Getting a piece tailored to your shape will make it seem and feel brand new, whether it’s a pair of too-long jeans or a somewhat baggy blazer. Your local tailor should even be able to turn a pair of straight-leg jeans into skinny ankle pants to modernize your style even more. Maybe you have a faded beloved black shirt, or you’re looking for a method to spruce up a plain white tee. Fabric dye can help you refresh some of your older pieces in any case. Get Elden Ring classes and more free download of games here.


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You wake up in the morning indecisive of what to wear for the day. Purple shirt, orange skinny jeans and a black Chuck Taylor - weird but hashtag OOTD! Everyone always wants to look good. There are specific clothes in each season. Its fabric depends on how or where it should be used. Clothes even represent a specific culture and generation. Years pass by and clothes evolve from bell bottom to skinny jeans; and now we have cropped tops. If you had the love for fashion, you will get to see the timeline of how clothes change in the course of time from protecting our body to just a piece of cloth to cover something private.

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