Q. Can I defeat cancer?

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Can I defeat cancer?






Sep, 2018

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  • pearljam

    Yes, Of Course, u can defeat cancer.

    Death due to cancer is not the defeat. To stay away from youself, from the relatives, society is the prime reason for your defeat.
    If u are suffering from cancer…and thinking of about to die, but you are doing good in awareness of cancer, and you are concious towards the society. you can set the art of living by ther person …who is vehemently suffer psycologically negative that will also make adverse effect to your health and ill-perception to the society.

    So, I think, by doing so, you can definitely defeat the cancer itself.


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Any type of physical or mental impairment is difficult to handle but cancer is one that demands imperishable hope and strength. There are different stages of cancer and also different treatments. It is a disease that follows no age boundaries as it can happen to a person of any age. Prevention is better than cure so we all must maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. And for those who need to fight against cancer, "take it one day at a time, one step at a time, do what you can, do your best. Let god handle the rest".

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