Q. Why are electric bikes not popular in India?

Why are electric bikes not popular in India?






Sep, 2018

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    People have a mindset thay them might not outperform the regular gasoline bikes which is not true. Some manufacturers have succedded in building fast and efficient e-bikes but India still lacks the infrastructure like Charging points. I also think there are not enough regulations to push e-bike segment in India. Government needs to support the companies and help them push it. E-Bikes are definitelty the future.


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Check your wheels and wear your head gear. Bikes are one of the earliest modes of transportation. Most who are physically fit know how to ride a bike. For a major throwback, children used to play with their friends and biking was very popular. When you were born in 90s and backwards, you could say that the generation in the present isnt able to enjoy what you had back then. Even bikes become virtual reality nowadays. Bikes are built for recreation and competition. There are specific bikes that are used for different purposes. All you have to do is to identify what kind of bike you need.

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