Q. How can I know if I am dehydrated?

How can I know if I am dehydrated?

Does dehydration always have instant symptoms? What are they?

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Sep, 2018

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  • cryptolord

    Thirst is your body’s way of sending an alarm signal. Apparently, it hasn’t be “watered” in time and is now in urgent need of hydration.

    When we get a headache, we often take a painkiller right away. Frequently, however, it is simply dehydration because the blood is no longer thinned enough and thus less oxygen is transported to the brain. A big glass of water or a hot cup of herbal tea is more natural and better than pills.

    Our brain is three-fourths water. Without the necessary fluids, we have difficulties concentrating.

    Dehydration is also noticeable in the urine. Not drinking enough changes the color of your urine. The problem is not that it is diluted, but rather concentrated. This is why the color changes from straw yellow to deep amber.

    If your body receives too little water, this can also be seen in your skin. The available fluids are used to supply the vital organs first, the skin must wait its turn and this is why it can turn dry and flaky.

    If you have trouble going to the toilet, this can also be one of the signs you need more water. The volume of your stool decreases and the stool turns hard. Especially when eating fiber-rich foods (like whole-grain products), you should drink plenty of liquids. As the fiber absorbs the liquid, it swells up, making the stool looser and softer. It also promotes bowel function.

    The main cause of dizziness is low blood pressure. This can result, among other things, from a lack of hydration. The blood can no longer be thinned properly and is pumped more slowly through the body.

    Dehydration leads the body to shut down the metabolism and this makes us sleepy.

    Muscle cramps are caused by electrolyte imbalances. Of particular importance here are magnesium and sodium chloride. If we sweat more and do not drink enough fluids (incl. electrolytes), we tend to get cramps.

    Do you know some of these signs you need to drink more water all too well? Then you know what you need to do. Drink, drink, drink! By the way, this is also the beauty secret of many models, actors and actresses. 😉


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