Q. Your thoughts on the success of the 'ocean clean up project'?

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Your thoughts on the success of the 'ocean clean up project'?

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Sep, 2018

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  • max199464

    I want to Express my opinion about this project.As it seemed to me the project is very successful and promising for me as the problem of water sources is the most important point in our time.


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  • Anonymous

    i think they didnt take that most important problem for the future


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Akin to our bodies, the earth also consists of water, which we know as our oceans. Trade and Transport through waterways have been significantly cost-efficient in comparison with the other ways. The life that flourishes underwater in the gigantic oceans is manifold than we behold over the lands. The oceans act as a decisive element in maintaining harmony in the ecosystem. Our oceans are the blessing of nature and we must do all in our scope and capacity to preserve their purity.

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