Q. What is love?
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  • tonystark


    Love is when he sees my hair all over the house, in the sink, around the toilet bowl, plugging up the bathroom, in the carpet, on the carpet, around the bed, all over the bed, statically clinging to the windows, statically clinging to the chairs, weaved into his shirts, weaved into his socks, but he still cuddles me to sleep at night.

    Love is when you let him have food that is yours but you know he wants it. Love is when you stop yourself and count to three to prevent from replying “I don’t know/ I don’t care” when he asks where would you like to have dinner. Love is taking in the laundry and folding it without fuss as a surprise when he forgets instead of nagging him like crazy about it.

    Love is listening to love songs and he’s the only one in your mind all throughout. Love is missing him so terribly you sit around texting him asking him to come home early even though you know you’re being unreasonable. Love is looking forward to going home because you know he’ll be there waiting. Love is feeling like the luckiest girl in the entire world whenever we spend time together, even when we’re doing nothing.


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Je Taime! Ich liebe dich! Te Amo! Saranghae!
Love in different languages, in different ways and in different forms. Amidst the failing relationships around you, who can really tell the difference between a love that's intentional and a love that's superficial? Relationship goals garner thousands of likes from people because love is an action word. Yet, many drift away and lose precious things that they shouldn't have lost in that game.
White, gray, and black where white = purity of intentions, gray = uncertainty, and black = the toxic. Suit yourself in. True love finds its real home and transcends in all differences.

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