Q. What are the ways to help your child be more resilient?

What are the ways to help your child be more resilient?






Nov, 2018

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    Give good learning and tell to live disciplined


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    Children have different levels of resilience and they have different ways of dealing with stressful times. Teaching children to thrive isn’t about eliminating the problems in their way. We just need to help them develop the skills to manage them. Here are six tips that will help our children develop skills of resilience:

    1. Focus on relationships
    2. Let them know that it’s okay to seek help
    3. Expand their exposure to people who care about them
    4. Create an environment of ‘having a go’
    5. Talk about feelings
    6. Help them to discover their strengths

    Provide an environment that allows your children to be supported, imaginative and embrace who they are. You can play a role in Building Resilience in Children with the help of resilience building programs.


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